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by Joe Bonura , CSP

It Only Takes One

A colleague recently related that his monthly e-mail campaign was not working, that he was getting no measureable results from sending his article to over 300 people each month.

Passed Over

I told him that it takes only one response to change your life. Many years ago when I wanted to get into the advertising business, I applied for a job at a large New Orleans advertising agency. I was interviewed by Roy Shwartz who wanted to hire me as a copywriter, but he was overruled by his creative director. I was devastated but kept in touch with Roy on a consistent basis.

Lacked Experience

At that same time, I applied at several other advertising agencies in New Orleans and received a similar response. Fessel, Siegfriedt, and Moeller, based in Louisville, Kentucky with a branch in New Orleans, wrote to me that I lacked the experience required for a position. They were right.

He Remembered

One year later, when Ed Martin became the New Orleans district manager of the Hotpoint Division of General Electric, he was looking to hire an advertising manager, so he called many of the local advertising agencies for recommendations. When he spoke to Roy Schwartz, Roy remembered me and recommended that Ed speak with me.

Never Wasted

Ed interviewed me and gave me the job as the advertising manager of his district. The seed that I had planted with Roy was not wasted. We never know which seed we plant will yield the biggest dividend. That one seed changed my life forever and enabled me to continue to pursue my career in the world of advertising.

Moved To Louisville

I worked for General Electric in New Orleans for five years. When Ed Martin became national advertising manager for General Electric in Louisville, he promoted me to a national advertising specialist, and I worked in that position for two years.

In The Incubator

I had a goal to open my own advertising agency by the time I was 30 years old. It was a goal that I had set when I was 20 years old. By the time I was 27 I then had experience as a media representative, a district advertising manager for a major company, and a national advertising specialist. The only piece to the puzzle that was missing was advertising agency experience. Another seed that I had planted started to bloom: Fessel, Siegfreidt, and Moeller (FS&M) was located in Louisville, so I applied with them. In my resume, I reminded them that I applied for a job with their agency seven years ago and was passed over because I had no experience. I listed and explained my experience in those seven years.

You're Hired

FS&M hired me as an account executive, and after working for them for three years, I fulfilled my goal and opened Bon Advertising Agency. By the time I retired from the advertising business in 1989, Bon Advertising had become the second largest advertising agency in Louisville, Kentucky.

No Coincidences

I still marvel at how the seeds that I planted as a young man turned into my garden of life. Initially, those seeds looked like wasted effort, but through time and patience, they became my career.

Your Harvest Will Come

Keep planting. You don't know when your time of harvest will come, but if your efforts are consistent, you water and feed your garden, your harvest will surely blossom.

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About Joe Bonura

His background is unique. Joe owned and operated a highly successful advertising agency for 18 years. During that time, he found his advertising campaigns were more effective when he educated his clients in the areas of sales and service. He conducted training seminars for his clients as added value. Word spread that Joe was a quality speaker and more and more people asked him to speak. The demand became so high that he sold the agency to three of his associates to start his own speaking and consulting company, Joe Bonura & Associates, Inc.

Joe is past President of the Kentucky Speakers Association and a Certified Speaking Professional (CSP), a prestigious designation earned by only 8% of the 3,600 member National Speakers Association. Joe presently serves on the board of directors of NSA.

He is author of the audio learning systems "Three-Dimensional Selling®" and "Turning Customer Satisfaction Into Customer Excitement®." He is author of the book Throw the Rabbit—The Ultimate Approach to Three-Dimensional Selling.




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