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by Joe Bonura, CSP


Too Many Keys Already

Oh, no, three more keys to real success! You probably have enough keys to open every door in your state; however, when you read this article, you will realize that these three keys are the missing links between failure and success.

Three Powerful Tools

Direction, Focus, and Action. Taken individually, they are powerful tools; taken together, they are dynamite. Let us understand how they work separately and how they work together.


We all have the same amount of time every day to get things done. The question is, do you have a plan for your 86,400 seconds each day? You all know people who are more successful than you are. Have you ever stopped to consider why that is so? Perhaps, you are going in a different DIRECTION than they are.

Follow Your GPS

Two people are headed to a sales appointment at the same location, and one uses a GPS to determine the shortest time and shortest distance. The other person has a general idea of where to go but decides to drive toward the location and to stop and ask for assistance along the way. Which one will be first to arrive at the client's location?


Direction alone will not give you success in your sales career. The second success key is FOCUS. You may be headed in the right direction, but you may be focused on the wrong things along the way. Focus is a powerful tool, but it must be aimed at the right activities if you expect to achieve your ultimate goal in a timely manner. By the way, what is your ultimate goal? If you do not have one, you will never get "there" because "there" does not exist.

Sooner Or Later

You must focus on your activities and consider which activities will move you further -- faster. By focusing your efforts, your activities will act like a laser beam, and you will see positive results sooner, rather than later.

The Book Is Finished

Once there was a person who wanted to write a book, but he could never find the time to do it. A friend told him to just write one page each day, and in 250 days, he would have a book. (The average book has 250 pages.) He followed the advice, and recently he had a book signing at a major book store.

He Knew Where to Go

He knew what direction he wanted to go. He had focus. But, previously, he did not take action because the task seemed overwhelming. Here is where the next and most important key enters: ACTION.


Someone clever wrote that if you change the word "action" by transposing the "i" to the beginning and making three words out of the one, the result will be: I - ACT - ON. And unless you act on your intentions, nothing will happen.

Do Not Sit Still

You may have direction, you may have the right focus, but if you are not proactive, nothing will happen. The hunter who has done everything right in tracking, stalking, and waiting in a blind for his prey to appear, will go home empty handed if he fails to pull the trigger. Many people have great ideas, they know where they want to go, yet they fail to take appropriate action.

The Key Works If You Work

As you can see, these three keys, taken together, can open the treasure chest of what life has to offer you. You must know where the treasure chest is - Direction; find the right key - Focus; and, place the key in the lock and turn it -- Action.

Send Me a Success Story

Send me some examples of how you have used these three keys in the past to open your treasure chest to success. With your permission, I may share your successes in future articles. You may not have consciously used them as I directed; however, if you were successful, they definitely played a part in that success. Go back and analyze a successful event in your life, and work backwards to see how the keys worked to make it a success.

Remember, if you were successful once, you can be so again!

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