"The Abc's of Selling"

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The Abc's of Selling
by Joe Bonura, CSP


A (Admit)—Admit Your Shortcomings

In order to move forward, you must know your present status. Ego, more than anything, deters many people in the selling profession. Ego prevents them from admitting that they do not know where they are in relation to where they could be. They believe that they have reached the top, when in reality, they should continue to climb the ladder. Let's face it: you will never reach the top of the ladder. When you do, the only option will be to come down the other side.

Polish The Apple

Although I have been teaching sales skills for over 35 years, I continue to attend three educational events each year. Why do that? Because I have learned that I must always be polishing the apple, if I expect it to shine. I have over 2,000 books in my personal library, and half of those are on sales and self-development. These books have provided hours of enjoyment, but more important, they have provided the information that I required to excel and succeed.

Expand Your Horizons

Take time now to determine where you are in your career. Then, ask yourself where you could be, if you expanded your horizons. Admit that you need to learn more. Once you learn something new, you will never be the same person again. Knowledge lights the candle of your future. When you combine your present knowledge with the catalyst of what you learn, you continue to develop and mature in your profession.

B (Burst)—A Lot Of Hot Air

One of the most exciting events during "Kentucky Derby Week" in Louisville is the great balloon race. Each year, we look forward to seeing the big hot air balloons expand and rise into the air. It is eye-candy for young and old alike.

Soar To The Heavens

Burst through your self-imposed limitations and realize your God-given potential.

If you were to put the basket on top of the balloon before inflating it, the balloon would take the shape of the basket and never leave the ground. Fill the balloon above the basket, and it will soar into the heavens.

Think Above The Basket

Many very capable people stuff their true potential into a small basket and grow to fit the size and shape of their minimal expectations. Think ABOVE the basket, and watch your potential expand.

You Get What You Expect

How big is your basket? Are you limiting your possibilities by stuffing yourself into a small basket? Take a look at what you expect out of life, and then multiply that by ten. Reach far beyond your capabilities. You can believe anything that you want to believe, and what you do to achieve it, is a reflection of what you believe.

C (Control)—From The Inside Out

You are the only person in control of your destiny. Stop looking outside of yourself for the answer to your success. It can only come from the inside out, and you are the boss when it comes to what you must do to achieve your destiny.

Control The Momentum

I read once that many people are injured in traffic accidents because they quit driving the car when a collision occurs. They give up control of the vehicle, and let the momentum of the accident take control of their destiny.

Do Not Let Go

The best advice is to keep driving, whether in a car or in a life situation. Do not take your hands, or your mind, off of the steering wheel. Stay in control, and drive your way out of the situation.

Dial Your Way To Success

If you are expecting a client to say yes, and you get a no instead, keep your hands on the wheel, look around you for a possible out, and then get back on the road and keep driving. Pick up the phone and make ten dials immediately after the client turn-down. Every time that you are rejected, pick up the phone and make ten dials to new prospects.

Positive action will always relieve the stress of rejection, and at the same time, it will reveal new opportunities for success.


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