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by Joe Bonura , CSP

Success to Significance

Amos Martin played football in the NFL from 1972 to 1977. He played for five years as a Minnesota Viking and one year as a Seattle Seahawk. Amos played in three Super Bowls during his pro football career. He left the NFL in 1977 to settle in Louisville, Kentucky, where he had spent his college football career as a star linebacker for the University of Louisville under Lee Corso.

What an Investment

My good friend Amos told me that he has a goal, through Amos Martin Ministries, of getting people to spend just five minutes a day in reading and studying the Word of God. He said that investing just five minutes a day with our creator could have a major impact on our lives, and he is right.

The Rule of Five

I began thinking that the rule of five can apply to any area of our lives.

Here are just a few:

  • Get up five minutes earlier each day.
  • Spend five extra minutes a day making sales calls.
  • Take five minutes before going home each day to plan tomorrow's activities.
  • Walk the dog for five minutes every morning or evening.
  • Spend five extra minutes with family members.

Come up with five ideas of your own:







The late Dr. Robert Schuller often said, "Inch-by-inch, anything's a cinch." I have come up with a similar saying, "Take five and thrive."

Little Things Mean a Lot

Sometimes the small things that we do in life will make a large difference. A house is built one brick at a time; a nail is driven one blow at a time; and a marathon is run one step at a time. One difference in my life: I love to cook, and leaving out one simple ingredient can change the taste of a dish from great to mediocre.

Lie to You

When I really do not feel like exercising, I tell myself that I am only going to do five minutes on the treadmill. Most of the time, I continue beyond the five minute limit that I set.

Great Way to Spend 30 Minutes

When I started writing this article, I said that I would only write for five minutes, and now I have been here for over 30 Minutes. Small accomplishments can make a difference!

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