"Overcoming Objections "

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by Joe Bonura , CSP

The List Goes On

  • Your price is too high!"
  • I have to speak with my spouse!"
  • I need time to think about it!"
  • I will let you know in a few days!"

The list goes on and on and on. So how do you handle an objection?

It Is Simple Really

If you approach the overall sales process correctly, the job of overcoming an objection is a simple process. I always begin a call with the intention of building rapport. When calling on a health insurance prospect, as soon as we entered the house, I noticed a collection of clown statues, clown paintings, and a photo of a gentleman in a clown costume.

Clown Around

I discovered the woman's husband liked clowns and that he was a weekend clown at children's parties. I found the subject fascinating, and we spoke about it for several minutes. I transitioned to the purpose of my call by asking, "Why are we here; why did you agree to visit with us?"

There Are No Dumb Questions

The sales person, who had accompanied me, was visibly shaken that I would ask such a dumb question. The prospect gave me the obvious answer that I had hoped for, "Because I would like to look at the possibility of health insurance." My next question was, "I know that, but why Anthem Blue Cross/Blue Shield?" She went on to explain that she was an admittance nurse at a local hospital, and that when someone showed her the "Blue Card," it meant something special.

Worth The Difference

Later in the process, when I gave her our quote, she commented that we were higher in monthly premium than a competitor. She needed some time to think about whether we were worth the difference in cost. I immediately reminded her how she felt as an admittance nurse when someone showed her the "Blue Card." She said, "You are right; I guess I will go with Anthem."

The Beginning Is the End

I had actually handled the objection at the beginning of my presentation, not at the end when the objection was raised. If you know what your most common objections might be, begin your presentation by answering the objections up front and using that argument to close in on the answer when the objection rears its ugly head.

It Is Never Too Late

On another occasion with an Anthem agent, we called on a pet store. The owner apologized that a competitive insurance agent had called on him, and he had already signed up with him. He did not want to go through the whole process again. I thanked him for his candor and immediately started to talk about my dog Muffin. After building rapport, I found out that he would be paying $20.00 a month more with our competitor. In spite of that, he insisted that the hassle of changing was not worth the twenty dollars a month difference in premium.

Create A Visual

We were about to say our goodbyes when I reached for a box of doggie biscuits. I told him I wanted to bring them home to Muffin. I asked him how much he made on each box of biscuits that he sold, and he replied $2.00. I countered, "So what you are telling me is that in order for you to pay the additional $20.00 a month in insurance costs, ten additional customers a month need to come in and buy a box of these biscuits?" By creating a visual picture, I made him think in a totally different way and convinced him to go with Anthem. We walked out with a contract.

Dig Deeper

Dig deeper and find out what the real objection is before you give up and hit the road. Don't wait until the horse is out of the barn before you close the door. Selling is a three-dimensional process and not a one size fits all solution.

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