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MawMaw's Blanket
by Joe Bonura, CSP


She Is Still Here

As I write this newsletter, I look across the room and there neatly folded across a chair is MawMaw's blanket. She was my mother-in-law, Dorothy Carroll Yokum, and to her grandchildren, she was MawMaw.

Her Favorite

I loved my mother-in-law and still miss her presence, sense of humor, and heart-felt smile. She always called me her favorite son-in-law. I guess that was because I was her only son-in-law. My wife Carol was second in a line of six children -- the only girl.

Time, Patience, Love

MawMaw's blanket was stitched together with time, patience, and love, just like her life. And with six children, five of them boys, her life was all about time, patience, and love.

A Stitch In Time

I remember her sitting in her favorite chair, needles in hand, knitting one stitch at a time. I cannot help but to compare that process with life: You live your life one stitch at a time, and the stitches of life resemble minutes, hours, days, weeks, months, and years. When added together, the result is You.

The End Comes Before Beginning

MawMaw's blanket turns out to be the blanket she envisioned when she picked up the needle to begin. She began with a pattern or picture of the finished product. Although she did not read Stephen Covey's book, "The Seven Habits of Highly Successful People," she knew to begin with the end in mind. What will the blanket look like when she completed it?

Can You See It?

What is the pattern that you have chosen for your life? Can you visualize it now? Whether you like it are not, when you look at your life, you are seeing the pattern that you have chosen.

The Grey Twilight

Choose the right pattern, and you will become a beautiful mosaic of a life. Choose the wrong pattern, and the outcome may be a disaster. Most people choose the in-between pattern and end up living in what Theodore Roosevelt called "The grey twilight that knows neither victory nor defeat."

Stop and Go

If MawMaw had not completed the blanket, we would have only a fragment of the blanket, and it would probably be kept hidden in a drawer. She did not stop, but kept going one stitch at a time until the job was complete. And because of her diligence, we have a memento of her that we can proudly use and display in our home.

It All Adds Up

Do you start and stop projects? Or, if you exercise patience knowing that if you continue to knit one stitch at a time, one minute at a time, your efforts will eventually add up to a successful life. When I make sales calls, I do not concern myself with the outcome of each call. I know that if I continue making the right number of calls with the right message, the results will follow.

Get Serious

Recently, I decided to get serious about playing my drums. I have been playing since I was a teenager but have seen little improvement. So I went online, found a beginner video on YouTube, and started with the basics. One of the first beats to learn in drumming is the "paradiddle." My initial efforts sounded more like a "paradoodle." But, each day I have forced myself to practice, and just like MawMaw worked on her blanket one stitch at a time, I worked on the drums one beat at a time.

Not There Yet

My first efforts were pathetic and clumsy as I tried to manipulate the drum sticks, however, each day with practice, I sound a bit better. I am not there yet, and will not be for some time, but as the blanket took shape, I am encouraged to persist. Who knows what miracles: someday, I may be on the main platform at church setting the beat for the worship band?

Keep Driving

Do not be discouraged by your first efforts; they will always be awkward and clumsy. Remember when you learned to drive a car? Find someone who is already performing at a high level and observe and learn from him. You will begin to see improvements and eventually, you will have successful results. My mother-in-law knew from her past habits what successes to expect when she persisted in her endeavors.

Finish the Piece

Your "life" blanket will start to take form, and the small accomplishments will encourage you to finish the piece. Through her blanket, MawMaw's legacy lives on. It comforts me when I use her blanket to warm me while I read. It is also a comfort to remember a loved one who touched my life in so many positive ways.

What Will You Leave Behind?

What is your legacy? What will the blanket, which you leave behind, say about you and the life you have lived?

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