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Keep On Keeping On
by Joe Bonura, CSP


Get Back Up

Rejection is the wind that builds strength. The more you are rejected, the more you will learn. Just as a baby learns to walk by falling and getting up again, sales people can learn from their failures if they have an open mind to the process.

Answer the Question

Whenever you make a call and you are rejected, hang up and ask yourself what you could have done differently. Do not move until you have answered that question.

Follow a New Path

You have seen professional athletes do that all the time. It is especially noticeable in golf: the golfer hits the ball, and it goes astray, and then he takes a few air swings and mentally corrects his missed opportunity. He is mentally teaching his muscles a new path. The same is true in selling when you reconsider your words to the client. How could you have said them better? What did you say in the past that worked in the same situation?

Analyze and Adjust

Most sales people are so focused on moving to the next call that they do not take the time to analyze and adjust. It is by adjusting that you improve your performance.

Straighten Up and Fly Right

When I was a pilot and flew from point A to point B, I was off course 90% of the time, because you are always being pulled off course by winds, compass deviation, and many other minute factors. However, once you know your course and the flight path, you simply keep correcting back to the course line, and you get to your predetermined destination.

Expectation Leads to Success

The key is knowing your destination before you begin your journey. In selling, every sales call should have an expected result, knowing what you want to accomplish before you make the call or enter the front door. Be ready to close on the intention of every call. You must realize that a close does not always mean you will get the business; you can close on making the follow-up appointment or you can close on sending more information.

Stop Flying Blind

Stop flying blind and know where you want the call to take you. The prospect might say that they are not ready to make a decision. After you have failed to answer the objection as to why they are not ready to make a decision, close by asking when they might be ready to make the decision. Once they give you the answer, promise that you will call back at that time. You have thus closed on the revised intention of that call.

Ounce by Ounce

Start small and work your way up to heavier weight. A perfect example of this: Several years ago, my son broke the United States record for the bench press in his weight and age class. Weighing only 146 pounds, he bench pressed 270 pounds, close to double his weight. He worked his way up to that weight over a nine month period; each day he lifted more until he was at the record weight. What made this remarkable is that he accomplished that lifting record only seven months after he had surgery for a non-malignant tumor removed from the right side of his brain.

A Setback Can Be a Step Forward

His brain tumor gave him the motivation he needed to make a comeback. Once he knew his destination, he worked out every day, and inch by inch, he achieved his goal. His adversity made him stronger. As W. Clement Stone was fond of saying, "We can look at adversity as a stepping stone or a stumbling block." It is a choice that sales people need to make every day.


There is a grove of trees that grows in California called Bristlecone Pine Trees. The area is known as the Methuselah grove because most of the trees in the grove are almost 5,000 years old. In other words, when the Egyptians where building the pyramids, these trees were growing. The secret of their long life is adversity because they grow in one of the most hostile environments in the world at 11,000 feet above sea level. They are subjected to extreme winds, cold, and heat, yet they continue to live on and on.

Have a Bad Day

Here's hoping you will have a bad day because it will make you stronger and remind you to keep on keeping on. Life is not a sprint - it is a marathon.


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