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by Joe Bonura, CSP


Read the Directions

My son and daughter gave me a workout bench for my birthday. It came unassembled, so when I opened the box and saw all of the pieces, I was ready to call the store to have someone come to assemble it for me. I am not one to read instructions, but in this case, I had no choice. My next thought was, "I can do this!"

Follow the Instructions

I decided to be patient, take my time, and for once in my life, follow the instructions. The directions were well written, and I went through the steps one at a time. The first step was to place all the pieces on the floor, and then move to step two, and so on until the entire process was done, and the result: a new workout bench ready to go. In other words, I put the entire workout bench together, one piece at a time.

Incremental Steps Lead To Success

The same principle holds true for the sales process. Take the steps in increments and be patient. You cannot do step three, before you do step one and two. You assemble the sale one step at a time.

Put the Pieces Together

So let us look at the pieces and then put them all together. The first thing I did was look at the picture on the box to see what the completed workbench was supposed to look like. What does the completed sale look like? Basically, follow Stephen Covey's advice and begin with the end in mind.

What Is the Experience?

What will the customer experience when using your product or service? You must have the picture in your mind before you can transfer that vision to the customer's mind. Think in terms of any product or service that you have purchased. Did you visualize yourself using and enjoying the benefits of the product before you took out your wallet and invested in the product?

Step By Step

Once you know the end result, write down on 3x5 cards all of the steps to be taken in order to complete the puzzle (sale). At this point, the steps do not have to be in logical order. Just "free-think" and write down all your thoughts and ideas (one thought per card).

Complete the Puzzle

The next step is to place the cards face up on the table and arrange them in a logical order, beginning with your first step, and then your second step, and so on until you complete the puzzle in a logical order.

It Is All In the Tactics

Next, look at step one (Prospecting), and devise tactics required to follow through with step one.

Step 1. Prospecting

Assume that step one is to discover who the decision maker is, and the tactics for step one could include:

1. Make a list of the people you know that work at the company
2. Read the annual report
3. Check out online the product or service
4. Read Joe Bonura's article on dialing for dollars found on his web site
5. Call the receptionist to get the name of the decision maker

Step 2. Make Calls

Move on to step two, make calls, and do the same thing. Determine the tactics, the actions you take to complete step two, that will move you toward your goal and the client's goal. Piece by piece, and the sale will ensue.

It Is Up To You

Remember that nothing happens until you do something. You must complete the process of going through the cards and writing the steps and tactics. Start with step one and follow through until you have assembled the entire sale process.

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