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Go For The Goal
by Joe Bonura, CSP


Or The Pink

I received an e-mail from my son Joe who was excited about his wife Karen's accomplishments at the recent Mary Kay Convention. Karen placed 7th out of 140,000 for the Queen's Court of Personal Sales, and her unit of sales consultants produced $700,000, placing 18th in sales out of approximately 3,000 units.

A Labor Of Love

Karen's ambitions were intense even fourteen years ago when she was in labor for my first grandchild. The hospital monitor indicated that it would not be long before I would be a grand- father. She was in labor, sitting up with the phone to her ear, talking to one of her Mary Kay team members. After she hung up, I asked her what she was doing on the phone. She said, 'I'm making my daily Mary Kay calls.' I responded, 'While you are in labor?' Her next comment was, 'I want to drive the pink Cadillac.' Well, since then, she delivered a son, then twin girls, and she has earned the use of eight company cars - four of them pink Cadillacs!

In September, she is going on an all-expense-paid trip to Hawaii with my son Joe, compliments of Mary Kay. Karen is where she is today because she knew where she wanted to go, and she set goals for her future.

No Goal - No Go

Oh, I hope this is not another lecture on goal setting. Isn't that just a lot of Pollyanna? People who call it Pollyanna are those who don't want others to succeed because it would mean that they also could have accomplished their dreams, but they were too complacent to make the effort. The moral is that what one accomplishes in life is primarily a result of setting goals.

It Is Not About The Money

A goal is a reason to get up in the morning and go to work. It is not about the money - it is about your passions in life. Money is nothing more than green ink on paper, so it is what money can do that should motivate you to be successful. And what is success? The late Earl Nightingale, author and motivational speaker, once said, 'Success is the progressive realization of a worthy ideal.' Many schoolteachers, although not big moneymakers, can be deemed very successful because they progress toward the worthy ideal of educating tomorrow's future leaders.

This Is Your Life

In most cases, if you do what you love and love what you do, the money will flow. Many people work simply for a paycheck, not realizing that their time on earth is not a dress rehearsal; it is their life.

My good friend Lou Heckler says that you should find your WOW factor and then pursue it. Your WOW factor is something that you are excited about. Most successful people I know have turned their WOW factor into a career.

Knock, Knock - Who's There?

I was married at twenty years old, and the only job I could get at the time was as a bill collector. My only reason for getting up every day was to go to work and earn my paycheck in order to support my family.

While driving to work, I heard Earl Nightingale on the radio. He said that I could have, be, or do anything I wanted if I knew what it was that I wanted. Up to that point, I had given no thought to what I wanted beyond a paycheck.

I had unknowingly started to search for my WOW factor, and I found it in advertising. I loved to read newspaper ads and listen to broadcast commercials. I had written an ad campaign for Volkswagen just for the fun of it.

I immediately noted on a piece of paper the words, Bon Advertising Agency. I was twenty years old at the time, and I decided that by the time I was thirty years old, I would be president of my own advertising agency. I was twenty-nine years old when I opened Bon Advertising Agency. Bon became one of the largest ad agencies in Kentucky with a major office in Louisiana billing over $14,000,000 by 1985. I sold the company in 1989 to pursue my next goal to become a professional speaker.

What would have been the results had I listened to the naysayers? I might have remained where I was, knocking on doors trying to get people to pay their overdue bills.

Do You Know Where You Are Going?

If you don't know where you are going, how do you ever expect to get there? When you go on vacation, the first thing you do is select a destination. Next you figure the best way to get there, and then you set an action plan. Most people spend more time planning their vacations than they do planning their lives.

Are you one of those people?

Help Is Here

Here is a process that will lead you to a successful outcome:

1. Make a no-limit list of anything and everything you have always wanted to have, be or do. (Do not let your critical left brain get in the way; just keep writing.)

2. Select the top five on your list.

3. Write an action plan for each of the top five goals on your list.

4. Set a start date and an end date for each action on the list.

5. Begin!

If your goal is to go on a special vacation, go to the nearest travel agent and pick up a brochure. If you want a new car, go to the dealership and take a test drive. If you want to become an airplane pilot, go to the airport and take a lesson. (I did this and I became a private pilot.)

Do not delay after you have set your action plan - take action. It is that simple. Once you make the list, your subconscious will take over, and you will be well on your way to achieving your goals!

My daughter-in-law Karen commented that she perhaps had not set her goals high enough. With that in mind, she will set new goals even higher, and no doubt, she will achieve them!

What about you?


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