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Don't Lose the Wonder
by Joe Bonura, CSP


Holy Cow!
I was waiting at the gate to catch my fifth airline flight of the week when a man walked up to the window with his six-year-old son. He pointed to the big Boeing 747 waiting at the gate and said, "That's our plane, son." The boy's eyes lit up with unrestrained excitement, and he responded with an enthusiastic, "Holy Cow!"
The Ordinary Is Extraordinary
Later, when I was in flight at 30,000 feet, headed for Atlanta, Georgia, for what seemed like the one thousandth time, I, too, should have exclaimed "Holy Cow!" It is sad that we lose the luster when the extraordinary becomes the ordinary. Our youthful enthusiasm withers as we grow older. Imagine what my great-grandfather would say if he saw me flying from Cincinnati, Ohio, to Vancouver, British Columbia, in less than six hours! We just sit back and take it all for granted.
Hail, Hail
Sometimes we need to be reminded of the wonders that surround us. I was once in Puerto Rico when a rainstorm passed over the restaurant just as I was about to walk out the door. My response was, "Why couldn't it wait until I got to my car?" Just about then, hail began to fall, and a little girl ran over to the window and began squealing with delight as she watched the ice bounce off the sidewalk. My outlook changed as I smiled and enjoyed it with her.
Don't Lose the Luster
What has you jaded? Is it your job? What can you do to recapture the excitement and enthusiasm that you once had for your job? On my flight to Vancouver, the pilot urged us to look out the window to see the tops of three beautiful mountains covered in snow. I reluctantly stopped typing on my computer to see what all the excitement was about, and I was immediately mesmerized by the magnificent view. I challenge you to look outside, as if for the first time.
You Are Hired
Remember when you applied for your present position, how excited you were, and how you hoped that they would call you with the good news? Remember when you realized that you were hired, how you told everyone in your inner circle how happy you were?
Day One
Remember your first day on the job? You dressed up, shined your shoes, and arrived at work too early to get in the front door. This went on for the first few weeks, and then it happened: you became accustomed to the routine. The job became mundane and ordinary. You began to listen to the negative influences around you, and you closed the window, shutting out the light of your excitement.
Time For A Tune-up
Was it the job, or was it your attitude that made things change? Maybe it is time for an atti-tuneup. Recently, I spoke with a young man who is out of work and would be truly happy to have any job, even yours. He has been searching for over two months and cannot find anything that suits his skills.
Listen To Your Dentist
On the wall of my dentist's office is a plaque that states, To find the nicest thing about me, contemplate your life without me. How true! Imagine having a toothache with no dentist to call. Well, to find the nicest thing about your job, contemplate your life without your job. Imagine no paycheck coming in for the next three months.
Get Off The Train
If you honestly dislike your work, get off the train and let someone else have your seat—someone who really wants to be where you are now. My last train ride was through the beautiful Alaskan wilderness, where I found myself reading a book instead of enjoying the view. My wife reminded me that I could read the book anytime, but I would not be able to see the beautiful white glacier that we were approaching. I put the book away and enjoyed the magnificent views of Alaska.

Water Seeks Its Own Level

They say that water seeks its own level. Many of us also seek our own level of maximum satisfaction and then we stop there, and that is when boredom begins to set in. Always look for ways to enhance your experience. For example, my sister gave me a pedometer, and I wore it all day to count the steps I took in an average day. I discovered that I was walking an average of only 2,500 steps a day, while the optimum number of steps, according to the instruction manual, is 10,000. The challenge of reaching the 10,000 mark each day has turned into an adventure. When I arrive at the supermarket, I walk around the parking lot before going into the store. The pedometer gives me a target to shoot for every day—and I will become healthier because of this new practice. Find a way to measure your progress on the job every day. Set some goals, and challenge yourself to reach them. If you are making five sales calls a day, go for seven.
The Ben Franklin Close
Make a list of all the things you like about your job on the left hand side of a sheet of paper. On the right hand side, make a list of all the things that you do not like. Observe the results, and if the dislikes outweigh the likes, it is either time to change jobs or change your attitude toward your job.
Smell The Coffee
I have always enjoyed the jobs I have had. When I was a teenager, I worked in the coffee department of A&P, and I loved grinding the fresh coffee and letting the customers smell the aroma before I sealed the bag. I enjoyed bagging groceries. I had many regulars who asked for me when they checked out their groceries. I also enjoyed the highest tip ratio. I loved my job, and I loved serving my customers.
Serve Someone Every Day
I still feel that way. I look forward to going to work, or better yet, going to serve people every day.
It Is Not About You
Stop thinking about yourself, and begin thinking about the people you serve. I read once that if you want to get over some forms of depression, just get out and serve other people. So if you feel depressed about your job, stop working and begin serving others.
Mother Nature Can Help
Pay attention to the beauty of nature. Recapture your enthusiasm for the privilege of being alive each day. Look at the world through rose-colored glasses for a change. Make a decision to find something to be thankful for throughout the day. Whenever I see a beautiful sunset, a colorful flower garden, or a beautiful butterfly, I say, Thank you, God. An attitude of thankfulness will change your attitude and your altitude. Holy Cow, it just might make the difference you are searching for!
Make every day an  awesome day!


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