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by Joe Bonura, CSP


What About Me?

I have to confess that most days, in fact every day, my focus is 80 to 90% on me. If you are honest, you would probably say the same thing. We go through life uttering the words, what about me, what about me, what about me? And we wonder why so many people have mental problems!

More, More, More

If it is true that we become what we think about, and we constantly think about ourselves, our comfort, our feelings and our needs; we are running the risk of a letdown because we will never be satisfied if our focus is on personal satisfaction. There will always be more that we want than we already have. Our mantra is MORE, MORE, MORE!

Pay Attention

What if you changed your focus? And instead of focusing on yourself and your needs, you focused on helping someone else. I am not talking about a long-term commitment here; I am just suggesting that you perform one, just one, act of kindness for someone else today, and if it feels good, you do it again tomorrow. There will be many opportunities for you to practice what I have suggested. You must open your awareness filter and let the light of opportunity to serve shine in.

More Than A Cup Of Coffee

As I sit here in McDonald's writing this month's EZine, I noticed a homeless person waiting at the counter to be served. He had just ordered a cup of coffee. A gentleman standing next to him took out a 10-dollar bill and dropped it on the floor next to the feet of the homeless person. The man reached down, picked up the bill, and handed it to the homeless person, and said, "Here, you must have dropped this." It was a way of helping the recipient keep his dignity. The recipient was able to purchase a full breakfast instead of just a cup of coffee.

Feel Better About YOU!

It made me aware to be aware, and I was able to spot several opportunities where I could serve throughout the day. Now I must admit that every time I helped someone else, I felt better about me. Research has shown that when we do something for others, we release a chemical in our brains that gives us a sense of purpose. It is OK to feel rewarded for doing a good deed; helping others does not have to be painful.

My Niece Is Nice

I have a niece who lives her life helping others. She once sold her car and gave the money to someone that she felt needed the money more than she needed the car. Now that is what I am talking about! Such selflessness!

What Can You Do?

To get you started, here are some acts of selflessness:

  1. Call a friend whom you know is going through some hard times.
  2. Visit the hospital and ask the nurses who could do with a visit.
  3. Go to a homeless shelter and help serve the food (not just during the Christmas season).
  4. Go through your closet, pick out some clothes to donate to a homeless shelter.
  5. Offer to drive a senior citizen to the grocery store.
  6. Visit a senior community and just talk with some of the residents in the lobby.
  7. Pay the toll of the person behind you at the toll booth.
  8. Take a homeless person to lunch.
  9. Take a homeless person to church.
  10. Visit a relative with whom you have been putting off reconciliation.

Be A Serve Person

In my sales training system, I teach people to become "Serve People" instead of "Sales People" because customers would rather do business with serve people than sales people. I teach that we are all problem-solving serve people, helping people make the right decision to get what they need. Serve people earn more money than sales people. Your goal is to make serving others a habit.

Opportunities Are Everywhere

Use your own imagination. You will start to see opportunities everywhere if you can take the focus off of yourself. You will then learn the secret of becoming a "Serve Person" instead of a "Sales Person."

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